Financial Worship

IMG_3691This is for all the pathetic little piggies, who only get hard when they have been rinsed. The lowly little losers who know that their place is at my feet.

I am rather unique, in the fact that I am not really girly, I mean please I have horses and that says everything. I like good quality things and do have expensive tastes.

I have ambitions to become a dressage diva again and need You to pay, I have so much I want e.g riding boots, competition gear, saddles, bridles and the list is extremely long. Sigh. So you know what you want to do …. You can go without food, You don’t need Your money, You need and want to give it to me. Tap tap I am waiting.

NOW gift well and make me smile. DO NOT contact me unless a gift or small tribute at least has been given.

Via Bank Transfer: Sort Code 11-00-01. Account 07156328

Or ask for PayPal details

Amazon Wish List Mistress Black’s Wish List Click Here

Hours Phone: 9 am to 8 pm ONLY !!! Will not respond to texts, private n.o, restricted i'd's etc.
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