The most important thing that I ask as a Mistress is that You are completely honest. It will ensure the session is very satisfying and rewarding. You address me as Mistress or Mistress Black.

You will be greeted with a friendly smile and shown into the dungeon. If you are nervous which is understandable, especially if it is your first time you will be put at ease. Kink is all about fun!

When You arrive, hand over the tribute and any gifts (Chocolates -Thorntons & Linzt are my favourites, wine, flowers and house plants are very much appreciated) without being asked.

There will be an informal chat at the start of the session, regarding what You would like to achieve, what experience You have had, if there is something new that you would like to try and very importantly what You don’t want to try. Please disclose any medical issues if You have any. You will be asked if You are unable to be marked or if You want to wear your marks with pride.

My safe word is Nilla. I do have a sense of humour.

Be very aware DO NOT make me SMIRK.

A good Mistress listens and watches her Subs and gauges the session to their reactions and response. I do not see the point of doing an activity that Slave has a distaste for. Kink is about fun and trust. I do not have a preference on what I do, I enjoy it all !

I am extremely versatile and can be gentle through to extreme. The session can be a very relaxed or more strict. It is rewarding to train a complete novice and introduce any Sub to the world of kink. It is mentally stimulating also to session a more experienced Sub to be able push the boundary.

I am more than happy to role play your fantasy, just ask Me politely..

If you would like photos and/or a video of Your session, bring a usb stick. (Please note any photos or videos taken will not be used/shared without your permission).

If your fantasy is to be a stable boy then I have the ideal set up on an equestrian base.


E-mail Hours Phone: 9 am to 8 pm ONLY !!! Will not respond to texts, private n.o, restricted i'd's etc.
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